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What is Environmental Toxicology?

Numerous chemicals of anthropogenic origin contaminate terrestrial and aquatic environments. Research at the Environmental Toxicology program experimentally determines how chemicals and ionizing radiation affect the health of humans and animals. We focus in particular on developmental effects that can lead to long-lasting changes. In our research, we study molecular and cellular changes, impairments in development and reproduction as well as behavioural alterations. For this, we are using different experimental models ranging from aquatic and terrestrial vertebrates to cell models and microorganisms on-a-chip. Our research is both fundamental, aiming at identifying effects and clarifying mechanisms, and more applied by forming the basis for risk assessment and risk reduction.

We are always looking for motivated students!

If you would like to do your bachelor/master thesis, or an internship with us, get in touch with our research leaders for more information on available projects.


Junior Academy Workshop (JAWS) 2022, hosted at Stockholm University on August 25th and 26th!

This event is held by the Swedish Academic Consortium on Chemical Safety (SWACCS) organized by PhD students from SU and KI. The JAWS workshop offers a full day of exciting presentations on the theme “Steps toward a toxic-free environment” followed by a one-day workshop on science communication and how to use social media channels to spread your research. The event is free-of-charge, fika and lunch will be provided.

For more information please click here.

Application is now closed for the Postdoctoral position in Epigenetic and multi-OMICs data analysis at Uppsala University!

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Our unit leader is Joëlle Rüegg

Please contact research leaders directly if you have a specific question for them.

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